Welcome to San José, the capital of beautiful Costa Rica!

Expedition Chepe is a platform that will help you discover this city through 8 different walking routes. It is named after the city’s nickname, which is Chepe.

Over the last few years, the Costa Rican capital has changed a lot. You could say it is experiencing its very own ‘renaissance’. New restaurants pop up consistently, hip boutique stores come to life and the entertainment scene grows everyday. 

If you search the internet for information about Chepe, you’ll find very little. But hey, that’s not too surprising when you learn all these positive changes have only been taking place the last few years. So open your eyes to a new city!

Why visit Chepe? 

Many people come to Costa Rica for its nature. And right they are: Costa Rica’s nature is absolutely incredible. However, it’s Chepe where you can still really integrate yourself in Costa Rican culture, meet lots of Ticos, discover and pioneer! Sadly enough many tourists have no idea where to go when they arrive in San José. That’s why we created expeditionchepe.com.

All routes on this website were established with help from locals. They show you the most authentic and fun places to discover. Each route is different and explores a different part of the capital. 

Expect a mixture of gastronomy, entertainment and culture. Get ready to soak up all the good this city has to offer. Put on your comfy shoes and let’s start your expedition in Chepe! Click below on ‘prepare your expedition’ to learn some more about the city and practical information.